DK Yarn

Sumptuous Merino, Alpaca, and Possum yarn, only £8.75 per 50g ball (plus shipping & surcharges).

This section is for the DK-weight version of the Sockmatician Edition range. The full range of colours is also available in a 4ply-weight yarn.

The Sockmatician Edition yarn range has grown!

In August 2018, Skeinz in New Zealand and I launched our popular Sockmatician Edition range, with eight shades of 4ply, or sock-weight, yarn.

November 2019 sees that range more than double in size, with two new colours, and the entire set is also now available in a DK weight.

Originally based on the six stripes of the LGBT Pride rainbow flag, designed in 1978 by Gilbert Baker, my “brooding rainbow”, as I like to call it (complimented by two neutral greys), the Sockmatician Edition yarn range now includes two brand new colours: a dusky pink (Gallo), and throaty turquoise (Taylor). (Baker’s original design for the Pride flag included these two stripes, and I felt that if we wanted to add more colours to the array, these two should be the ones!) I call these colours my brooding rainbow because my version of the Pride flag is much darker, and more muted. This is very deliberate. It is to remind us that the path to equality has not been a smooth one, and the fight is far from over. People have fought and died under this flag, and it’s vital that we don’t ever forget that.

Developed in partnership with in New Zealand, and distributed throughout the Northern Hemisphere by Sockmasiblings, please enjoy Moody Hues: The Sockmatician Edition (expanded!).

So without further ado, it is with the GREATEST of pleasure that I introduce to you, the main stars of the show, the yarn you’ve ALL been desperate to get your hands on, the ten colourways of the Sockmatician Edition yarn (DK), in all their dark and brooding splendour!

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